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Toups Takes On...Cruise Ship Food

New Bravo web series puts a New Orleans Top Chef on a boat

Isaac Toups, Top Chef finalist and “Fan Favorite,” returns to Bravo with a web series

Chef Isaac Toups of Toups Meatery and Toups South has a new web series out on Bravo. The web series, which is basically content-driven advertising for Celebrity Cruises, takes Toups to sea and pits him against the cruise ship chefs and chefs at various cruise ship destinations. Toups relationship with Bravo was sealed after he appeared on Top Chef, making it to the finals. Viewers voted him “Fan Favorite.”

Three short episodes have been released so far. Toups Takes On...Omelets. Toups...Takes On Breadfruit. Toups...Takes On Sushi. Many of the episodes take place in the antiseptic kitchens of the cruise ship, a space that even the lovable Toups struggles to imbue with warmth. Spoiler alert: The cruise ship chefs have won all the first episodes in which they appear.

Three new episodes will launch on March 27, followed by three more new episodes on April 3.

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