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Two Wahlburgers Are on the Way to New Orleans

It was only a matter of time

Eric Luciano of SOUSA design Architects

On the heels of local legend Phil’s Grill serving its last burger, it was announced yesterday that Paul, Donny, Mark Wahlburg plan to open two locations of Wahlburgers in the greater New Orleans area.

The expanding burger chain was the subject of an Emmy-nominated reality show, which could also be viewed as the longest burger chain commercial ever.

While the locations have not been revealed, most are located in highly trafficked areas with proximity to shopping, entertainment, or sports venues. The restaurants are usually between 4,000 and 6,000 square feet and have plenty of outdoor dining.

"I love New Orleans. I’ve enjoyed making movies there and spending a lot of time in the city. I have tremendous respect for its resilience and character. It's exciting to have Wahlburgers become part of the community," said Mark Wahlberg.

Chef Paul Wahlberg expects New Orleans to make a mark on the Wahlburgers menu. Right now, the menu includes lots of burgers and sides like tater tots, macaroni and cheese, and macaroni salad.

The famous family’s expanding burger empire hasn’t been all paradise though. According to Eater Detroit, the Wahlbergs were recently “hit with a lawsuit from two of their Wahlburgers business partners. Billy Leonard and Edward St. Croix of Massachusetts allege that the Wahlberg brothers ‘stole the most valuable franchise opportunities for themselves’ and that Mark Wahlberg once physically threatened Leonard on the set of the company’s eponymous reality show. The Wahlbergs dispute these claims.