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Nick Detrich Steps Away From Cane & Table

He’s leaving day-to-day operations, but will continue as partner

Cane & Table/Kevin O'Mara

Managing partner Nick Detrich announced today that this is his last week at Cane & Table. He’ll spend most of the week working behind the scenes to ensure a smooth transition. The good news is that he does have one last shift behind the bar he helped build from 5pm - 10pm on Sunday.

The group behind Cane & Table, Bellocq, and Cure has known about Detrich’s departure since January, giving them plenty of time to prepare for the transition. While Detrich will continue as a partner at Cane & Table, Matt Ray is stepping up as general manager at the lauded destination in the French Quarter. Matt Ray, a college friend of Detrich’s, moved with him to New Orleans from Indiana back in 2008.

“Matt Ray was a bartender at Cure at the same time as Nick. He’s worked at all of our spots. Nick and Matt are good friends and we felt like he really knows Nick’s heart the best and can carry on the spirit of Cane & Table. Nick has been the face of the Cane & Table since it opened. It has always been his passion and it is important to continue his fingerprint,” said Neal Bodenheimer, parter at Cane & Table, Cafe Henri, and Cure.

Shortly after moving to New Orleans with college friends in 2008, Detrich grabbed work on Bourbon Street. After that, he moved on to Cure, where he impressed the owners. After developing an interest in rum, Detrich started developing the upscale proto-tiki concept that became Cane & Table about five years ago. In May of 2016, Esquire published David Wondrich’s list of the 18 best bars in America. Cane & Table made the list. In 2015, Cane & Table received a nod from the James Beard Awards for Outstanding Bar Program.

Detrich plans to travel, maybe returning to New Orleans in July.


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