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Chef Isaac Toups Is Scared About the Popeyes Sale, Too

He’s a regular at the fast food chain

Deb Lindsey/Getty Images

First things first - Isaac Toups orders a three-piece of dark spicy meat with mashed potatoes about once a month. Here's the trick though - “the mashed potatoes are best eaten laced with gravy and crackling bits of fried chicken skin stirred in,” reports Alex Van Buren of the Daily Beast.

Like many fans of the fried chicken chain, Toups is shaking in his chef clogs over whether Restaurant Brands International will change the recipes at his beloved Popeyes. Restaurant Brands bought the Louisiana chicken chain over Mardi Gras this year for a quick $1.8 billion, pocket change for what that chicken is actually worth. Restaurant Brands International is a multinational, Canadian fast food company that was formed when Burger King merged with Tim Hortons.

Van Buren also reports that Isaac Toups has never tried Bojangles, but disagrees with people who think the chain has better fried chicken than Popeyes. “Those people are fucking wrong, and that’s the end of the story.”