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Central City is Getting a New Tiki Bar

Portside Lounge will offer Caribbean-inspired drinks

Portside Lounge will open in the spring on Dryades Street in Central City

Those still suffering from the demise of the short-lived Black Label Icehouse won’t have to wait long for that spot to be filled. Todd Price reports that local rocker Danny Nick plans to open Portside Lounge in the Central City location in mid-March or early April.

According to Price, the bassist from metal band Suplec had dreamed of opening a bar when he was younger, but something more like a rock club. "Now that I'm in my 40s, I'm looking for a place to hang out," Nick said. Portside Lounge will be a casual, tropical bar with Caribbean-inspired cocktails. Rachel Rose will run the bar program.

Nick plans to use the kitchen at Portside Lounge to host regular pop-ups. From time to time, patrons can also expect bands to perform at the tiki bar.

Portside Lounge, at 3000 Dryades Street, will join a bustling group of new restaurants and bars in Central City, anchored by the Southern Food and Beverage Museum. The neighborhood bar is only a mile and a half from the Dryades Public Market, the Southern Food and Beverage Museum, and other attractions.