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‘Down and Dirty’ Boil Seafood House Opening Soon in Garden District

The new spot opens in January

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A ‘down and dirty, backyard boil type of place” serving Vietnamese-style boiled crawfish is landing on the corner of Magazine and Louisiana this January, reports Todd Price. Co-owner Hieu Doan (who also owns Namese Vietnamese restaurant) is behind the new restaurant, Boil Seafood House.

Though iconic boiled seafood hub, Deanie’s, is opening just down the street this month, Boil Seafood House may be the first restaurant in New Orleans to put the Vietnamese-style boiled crawfish on the menu. This type of crawfish boil started in Houston, Texas. They are similar to traditional Louisiana boils with the addition of lemongrass and ginger. Sometimes, the crawfish gets served on a sauce of garlic and butter and spices.

Boil Seafood House will also serve Cajun, Caribbean, and garlic butter boiled crawfish. The menu also includes mussels, clams, both chargrilled and oysters, as well as boiled crab and lobster, plus a full bar.

The restaurant takes the place of the Louisiana Music Exchange and will have about 4,000 square feet of floor space upstairs and downstairs, with seating for 41 people downstairs and 20 more upstairs, according to the Uptown Messenger.


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Boil Seafood House

3340 Magazine Street, , LA 70115 (504) 309-4532 Visit Website