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Mr. Chill’s First Class Hot Dogs and Sweet’s Pastries Lands on Carrollton

Have your cake and a hot dog too

Mr. Chill’s

Wilbert Wilson has offered classy haircuts at Mr. Chill’s First Class Cuts on Carrollton since before Katrina, but now he’s expanded his game to first class hot dogs too. Mr. Chill’s First Class Hot Dogs and Sweet’s Pastries, Wilson’s second business on Carrollton, opened in October, reports Todd Price.

Wilson started serving food after Katrina when his barber shop had flooded and no one had anything to eat. He cut hair on the neutral ground on Carrollton and served the food out of a truck. The barber shop reopened, followed by a hot dog store in Broadmoor in 2013 that closed two years later.

His new hot dog shop serves all kinds of dogs (beef, duck, alligator, turkey, and a hot sausage dog named for Fats Domino) with all kinds of toppings (chili, blueberry sauce, banana peppers), but Mr. Chill’s signature dog is the Mr. Chill’s chili cheese dog. Price notes the dessert menu includes a 7-Up pound cake. Poboys, burgers, gumbo, yakamein, and shrimp casserole also available.

New Orleans, known widely for muffulettas and poboys, has a pretty happening hot dog scene with Dat Dog franchising, fancy pants versions like the BNC hot dog (with cheddar on the inside, mustard and Maldon salt, served on a pretzel bun) at the Alto, crowd favorite Diva Dog, and of course Lucky Dog doing its part to keep it all grounded. The city also saw the shutter of Dreamie Weenies this year, which was known for its diplomatic approach to hot dogs, delighting both vegans and meat eaters.

Mr. Chill’s First Class Hot Dogs and Sweet’s Pastries is open Tuesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.


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