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John Besh Steps Down From Catholic Ethics Board

He sat on Notre Dame’s executive advisory committee for the Counsel on Ethics and Culture

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In a move that should surprise literally no one, John Besh has stepped down from the executive advisory committee for the Center for Ethics and Culture at the University of Notre Dame, according to the National Catholic Reporter. Both John and his wife, Jenifer Besh, joined the board in 2016. Jenifer Besh remains on the board.

As part of the Center, John Besh had presented at the fall conference with a talk called “Faith at the Family Table.” He’d also cooked dinners in the dining halls of the Catholic university.

Besh, who once marketed himself as a active Catholic and family man, is at the center of a firestorm of sexual harassment allegations against his company, Besh Restaurant Group. Some allegations were made against Besh himself.

Besh stepped out of his leadership role at the company, but no change to his ownership stake in Besh Restaurant Group has been revealed.

Co-owner Octavio Mantilla has not stepped out of his leadership role at Besh Restaurant Group, though some allegations were made against him as well. Moreover, some women said that he was part of keeping the harassment buried, with one woman claiming he fired her for not sleeping with Besh.

Since the allegations, Caesar’s Entertainment removed Besh’s name from its steakhouse at Harrah’s New Orleans. PBS canceled both of his television shows. He was also replaced as a co-host of a dinner at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival.