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Babylon Cafe on Maple Street Has Closed

But Maple Street will keep the hummus

Babylon Cafe on Maple Street closed its doors
Yelp/Andrew S

Babylon Cafe, the Mediterranean restaurant that fed college crowds and locals on Maple Street for over 15 years, has closed its doors. Hummus & More, another Mediterranean restaurant, will open its second location in Babylon’s place after a brief renovation.

According to a source close to the owner, the Babylon’s chef quit and the “owners decided not to remain open.” Eater New Orleans has reached out for more details.

Babylon originally opened on Canal Street in 1994, closing that location to move to the larger Maple Street location in 2001.

Huda Aldisi and Lisa Labit opened the first Hummus & More on Severn in Metairie in 2015. Both women worked at Byblos restaurant in Metairie for over a decade, Aldisi for 18 years and Labit for 10 years. The two decided to open their own restaurant after Aldisi visited her homeland, Jordan.

The new Hummus & More will be located at 7724 Maple Street.


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Hummus & More - Maple Street

7724 Maple Street, New Orleans, Louisiana