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Due North by Legacy Kitchen Hands the Keys Back to N’Tini’s

Plus more top food news to know today


SWITCHEROOS — A mere six months after Due North by Legacy Kitchen took over N’Tini’s in Mandeville, keeping the N’Tini’s owners as silent partners, it has returned the keys and moved out. Moving quickly, N’Tini’s owners Mark and Donna Benfatti have been thrown up an N’Tini’s sign over the Due North sign,bringing the steaks and martinis back with a return of N’Tini’s. [NOLA.COM]

RIP — The world now knows what happens to those retiring Chuck E. Cheese singing characters that entertained you at all your childhood birthday parties. Employees smash Chuck E. Cheese’s head with a sledgehammer once the show Is over. [E]

SAVE OUR COAST — Helen Freund writes about how chefs are getting involved in coastal restoration efforts. [THE LENS]

NEWS — At 84, Felix’s oyster bar shucker Paul Diner remains one of the most productive shuckers at one of the busiest oyster bars — and he’s been shucking since he was eight years old. [ADVOCATE]

EATER IDK — The “Parks and Recreation” food props are now up for auction, just in time for the holidays. Perhaps that special someone needs a “Save JJ’s Diner” t-shirt? Or show them how you really feel with a set of Snake Juice bottles. [E]

THE CHAINS — Meat-loving Arby’s is about to get $2.4 billion worth of chicken. The Arby’s Restaurant Group announced that it will buy Buffalo Wild Wings for 2.4 billion cash money. The merger is expected to be finalized in early 2018. [E]


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Due North by Legacy Kitchen

2895 Highway 190 Louisiana, Mandeville, Louisiana 70471