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Cloud 9 Bistro Unleashes Belgian Liège Waffles in the Irish Channel

Cloud 9 is located just off Magazine Street

Cloud 9 Bistro website

Cloud 9 Bistro opened on Saturday just off Magazine Street with a menu of Belgian liège waffles, which are sweeter, crunchier, and stretchier than traditional Beligian waffles, reports the Uptown Messenger. The restaurant opened about a week ago in the spot that was once Artz Bagelz and, most recently, Maple Street Patisserie.

Liège waffles are made with extra-buttery brioche dough allowed to rise for an extended period of time. Before being mounded into a waffle iron, the dough gets studded with coarse sugar. The sugar melts and caramelizes around the waffle as it cooks, making for a slightly crunchy exterior and a doughy interior.

Toppings can be sweet (fruit, Nutella, powdered sugar, maple syrup, for example) or savory (havarti cheese, gruyere, egg, bacon, for example). There’s also a short menu of sandwiches, salads, and coffee.

Owner Mark O’Donnell says that he plans to add brunch and alcohol later.


Belgian Waffle Shop “Cloud 9 Bistro” Opens on Magazine Street in Irish Channel [UPTOWN MESSENGER]

Cloud 9 Bistro [website]

Cloud 9 Bistro

3138 Magazine , New Orleans, LA