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Chipotle Is Extremely Close to Opening Up in Magazine Street

The Garden District location has received tentative approval from city planners.

Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Chipotle is one step closer to opening up on Magazine Street — the chain (whether it’s considered a fast food establishment or not) has won tentative approval for its first NOLA-proper location, reports Uptown Messenger.

The prospective opening of Chipotle at 2801 Magazine Street has not been received well by some — activists from both the Garden District and Irish Channel neighborhoods have been vocal in their opposition. Neighborhood activists oppose both the fast-food quality of the place — and that it’s a national chain, which, they argue, could help to dilute the cultural potency of Magazine Street.

This wouldn’t be a typical Chipotle location, though. The fast-casual burrito giant has argued that the location would be a “standard restaurant,” unlike its other, faster locations. It’s been stated that this location would feature “a recessed glass-and-metal storefront” in order to accommodate an outdoor patio, plus oak furniture. Standard restaurant status means the shop could sell booze.

This Garden District spot would be the first Chipotle location in NOLA proper — there are plenty of locations dotted around the suburbs, however.

The ultimate decision on Chipotle’s potential Magazine Street location is now headed to City Council.