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$1 Margs at Applebee’s Have Nothing on 25-Cent NOLA Martinis

Plus, Billy Wright’s Olde New Orleans Boil House and Coffee House eyes a 2018 opening, and more news to know today

Commander’s Palace has 25-cent martinis for lunch.
Commander’s Palace Official

THE CHAINS— Sure, Applebee’s may have has unveiled a $1 margarita, but Todd A. Price notes that there are plenty of way cheaper boozy options around town. Pay just 25 cents for a martini while grabbing lunch at Commander’s Palace, Cafe Adelaide and SoBu. [NOLA.COM]

LAKEFRONT—Billy Wright’s Olde New Orleans Boil House and Coffee House, which was slated to open early this year, has remained unopened due in part to backlash from the community. Gentilly Messenger reports that the spot has had its opening deadline extended to July 31st of 2018. The new date was approved by the board unanimously. [GENTILLY MESSENGER]

FOOD POLICYCurbed argues that cities who are keen to fight climate change should pay close attention to food policy. The Oakland Unified School district cut its meat purchases by 30% and not only cut its greenhouse gasses by 14% but also saved a heap of cash, too. [CURBED]

IT’S PUMPKIN TIME—The Advocate has a whole heap of pumpkin-focused recipes for the trying — including a crawfish soup spiked with fall’s favorite round orange squash. [THE ADVOCATE]

EVENTWIRE— The fall concert series at Paradigm Gardens is now underway, notes The Advocate. Every other Wednesday, the garden spot will fire up its wood-burning oven, host chefs and stage live music acts. [THE ADVOCATE]