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High-Tech Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Shop Eyes Landing in Metairie

Creamistry is a California-based ice cream spot

Creamestry dishes liquid-nitrogen ice cream

Creamistry, a California-based ice cream shop that dishes out liquid nitrogen ice cream scoops, plans to open an outpost in Metairie in mid-November at 3017 Veterans Boulevard.

Alex Nguyen, the owner of the newest franchise location, is planning two more Creamistry shops in Louisiana within the next two years. The company was founded in 2013 by Jay Yim, who comes from a family of Korean bakers. The first location opened in Irvine, California. It began franchising in 2014. There are locations in Texas, Saudi Arabia, India, California, and Arizona.

Creamistry makes the high-tech ice cream to order. The customer chooses an ice cream base (from premium, organic, coconut, or non-dairy sorbet), a flavor (over 30 to choose from), and toppings (over 35 to choose from, including candy, cookies, cereal, fruit, and sauce). The ice cream is made to order with a flash-freezing, liquid nitrogen at -321° F. Creamistry’s ice cream is made-to-order, organic, “all natural.”



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