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Here’s What You’re Eating at Boudin, Bourbon & Beer

Check out these off the wall interpretations on Nov. 3

Emeril Foundation

It’s almost time for chefs across the region to come together and try to outdo each other in creativity and stretching the boundaries of what boudin is. On Friday, Nov. 3, in Champions Square, the seventh iteration of what has become a signature annual event brings the big three together - namely, boudin (courtesy of 65+ chefs,) bourbon (courtesy of Buffalo Trace,) and beer (courtesy of Abita.)

The menu of myriad boudin preparations hit the streets today, and here are a few that have us at Eater hungry and/or intrigued.

In the “unorthodox boudin meat” category:

  • Nashville Hot Chicken Boudin from Carey Bringle at Peg Leg Porker in Nashville
  • NOLA Restaurant’s Phillip Buccieri’s turducken boudin spread on a toasted baguette with cranberry compote
  • Nathan Richard’s tuna poke boudin springroll with monkfish liver and popcorn rice
  • Oyster boudin debris poboy from Jeff Mattia at Desire Oyster Bar

Crazytown bananapants interpretations of the theme, which sound amazing.

  • Harissa chicken balls with cous cous, cracklin, and paneer from Habteab Hamde of Bern’s Steakhouse
  • Neck bone stew with foie gras fried rice from John Folse
  • Crab and chaurice calais from Delmonico’s Anthony Scanio
  • Corned beef hash boudin with egg yolk and kimchi from Slade Rushing out of the Brennan’s kitchen.
Emeril Foundation

Let’s not rule out the “traditional boudin served in non-traditional ways” folks:

  • Simone Reggie and Ashley Roussel’s (of Simone’s Market) boudin stuffed grape leaves with smoked yogurt
  • Boudin burrito from Isaac Toups
  • Boudin nachos from Cristiano Ristorante’s Lindsay Mason
  • Boudin stuffed pequillo pepper from Bacchanal’s Joaquin Rodas
  • (There seems to be a boudin knish throwdown between Daniel Esses and Shaya’s Zach Engel.)

And get you some dessert with:

  • Fried rice pudding from Will Avelar and Bergen Carman at Meril
  • Bourbon milkshake from Jacque Torres
  • Baklava with burnt honey and poached apples from Bayona’s Tori Rawson
  • Sanguinaccio dolce napoletano from Adolfo Garcia and Adrian Chelette of Ancora Pizzeria (Look it up, sounds delicious and weird.)
  • Tory McPhail’s foie gras rice crispy treats
  • (Unsure whether to categorize Tariq Hannah’s bacon bread pudding with beer cheese sauce and a bourbon macaron as a savory dessert or not.)

Vegetarians/vegans get some love too, with Cory Bahr’s vegan smoked beet boudin and Frank Brigtsen’s Gumbo z’Herbes arancini.

These preparations just scratch the surface, really, so go check out the website for more info, and to buy tickets. The full menu is here.