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The Week’s Top Dining news

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Impending shutter scares & more


METAIRIE— Local barbecue spot Ugly Dog Saloon will expand with a second location in the recently shuttered Phil’s Grill location at 3020 Severn in January. The restaurant is hoping to expand even more after the Metairie location opens. [CityBiz, subcription required]

NOLA— Brett Anderson reports that local chefs Tenney Flynn (GW Fins), Phillip Lopez (Root), Christina Quackenbush (Milkfish) and more will be taking part in a “culinary-musical-theatrical spin” on the Seven Deadly Sins this Friday, January 6 at the St. Charles Room at Loyola University. Tickets $99+/person, starts at 7:30 p.m. []

METAIRIE— Bistro staple Chateau Du Lac has shuttered, Todd Price reports. Owners Jacques and Paige Saleun opened the restaurant in Kenner in 2005 before moving to the Metairie Road location. The duo also opened a very shortlived second location in the Warehouse District in 2014. []

IRISH CHANNEL— As it approaches eight years in, NOLA Brewing is expanding its lineup a little with new collaborations with numerous breweries across the country, a debut New England style IPA, and the expansion of its Nola Funk series, according to Nora McGunnigle. [Gambit]

NOLA— Ian McNulty reports that 2016 was a tough year for many restaurants in town, plagued by slow business potentially caused by flooding in Baton Rouge over the summer, the presidential election in the fall, and the continual onslaught of new restaurants. [Advocate]