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Turkey And The Wolf Is Now Serving Up Sandwiches & Creative Cocktails

The hot new eatery opens at 739 Jackson on August 6


Mason Hereford's back in the sandwich zone.

Back in early 2015, Hereford quit his job and started a journey that took him through stages at kitchens throughout the country. The goal was always to open Turkey and the Wolf at the end of it all with his partner, Lauren Holton. Upon their return to New Orleans, the pair found the space previously occupied by NOLA Smokehouse, and began transforming it into the high-quality but down to earth sandwich shop they'd envisioned.

A self-professed lover of creative sandwich fillings stacked between two slabs of "big, chunky, white bread," Hereford plans to offer a menu of about a half dozen sandwiches (not poboys) and a half dozen non-sandwich options. Complementing the simple menu will be Holton's boozy creations, with a full bar, beer, and wine. Plus, desserts featuring soft-serve ice cream.

Most recently, Hereford's been helping in kitchens in the LGD area, like helping to create the opening menu for Bakery Bar, and, according to his "3-Course Interview" with Helen Freund last month, working the breakfast shift at HiVolt.

Status: The casual sandwich shop softly opens for dinner service at 3 p.m. on Saturday, August 6, at 739 Jackson Ave. Regular hours start on Sunday 8/7: Monday and Wed-Sat, 11am-9pm, Sunday, 11am-5pm. Closed Tuesdays.

(504) 218-7428. Stay tuned into social media (Facebook and Instagram) for more information.