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Nola's Best Coolinary Menus For Cheap Dining in August

Hit up these restaurants for dining deals

New Orleans' month-long Coolinary dining promotion will soon be underway—running the entire duration of August—which means some of our city's top restaurants will be offering affordable prix fixe menus in hopes of perking up the summer doldrums.

It's a good way to experience fine dining without the steep price tag, with over 50 restaurants offering lunch menus for $20 or less, with brunch and dinners for $39 or less. There are also a handful of happy hours as well.

While most of these restaurants run their specials on different days of the week, calling ahead/making reservations is encouraged. Coolinary is always a great time to try the classics with grand dames like Galatoire's, Arnaud's and Antoine's rolling out some great menus at affordable prices.  But there are a slew of newcomers offering creative for astoundingly low prices this year as well.

Here now is a look at the best Coolinary menus of the bunch.



Angeline: A Benton's ham and pimento cheese biscuit, blueberry pancakes and bread pudding will set you back $35.

Mizado: Queso, brunch carnitas, and a churro for $25? It's on at this margarita-hub on the border of Mid City and Old Metairie.

Commander’s Palace / Facebook

Commander's Palace


Cafe Degas: Two-courses of French fare for $18 isn't bad, especially since it  comes with one of the best views of town, at this Faubourg St. John neighborhood gem overlooking shady Esplanade.

Rue 127: The appetizer and entree selections are nothing but creative at this Mid City favorite, including a seasonal strawberry salad, pan seared ginger cilantro shrimp, and a BLT, which will set you back $20.

Primitivo: Adolfo Garcia's primitive Central City eatery fires up the hearth for a $15 gazpacho and smoked chicken salad sandwich combo.

Luke: $17 gets you a two-course daily special (soup + main dish) including the Tobasco honey fried chicken on Mondays.

Commander's Palace: Absolutely the best two-course lunch steal with tons of options for $18 or $20, including the famous turtle soup, Louisiana seafood boil tamale and more. Plus, they have those epic twenty-five cent martinis.

Del Fuego


Brigtsen's: At $38, this three-course dinner at the Riverbend icon is a steal, including choices of gumbo and grilled Redfish, but it's not available on Sundays.

Carrollton Market: One of the best menus you'll find during Coolinary, including chef Jason Goodenough's housemade papardelle with lamb bolognese, tuna tartare and more elegant dishes for $39.

Del Fuego: Three courses will only set you back $17 at this Uptown taco and margarita hub, with choices of enchiladas, a taco platter, elotes and more.

Rebellion: At this Warehouse District gastropub featuring chef Chris DeBarr in the kitchen, three small plates will set you back  $19.99, a price reportedly chosen in honor of Prince.  Plus, you can add a flight of three rosés for an extra $9.

St. Roch Market: Purchase a Coolinary card at the market and then select three food items from the vendors of your choosing plus a selection of cocktails from The Mayhaw for $35.

Salon By Sucre: $25 will get you three-courses at this Quarter stunner, including some of the best dessert options in town.  And you can throw in three wine pairings for an extra $10.

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