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Noodle & Pie Hit By Armed Robbers

This is the second restaurant robbery this week


Two employees at Noodle & Pie were held up at gun point last night, The Times-Pic reports. Two masked men entered the Uptown restaurant through a back door around 10:50 p.m. and made off with a money bag and cash from the register. One had a gun. Thankfully, nobody was injured.

This is the second major armed restaurant robbery this week, with family-friendly burger hub Lakeview Harbor getting rocked during late dinner service on Tuesday night.  In that case, 20+ customers and employees were forced to lie on the floor after two masked gunmen entered through the back of the restaurant around 11 p.m.  One the gunmen fired a rifle at an employee trying to escape, but hit the host stand, and the duo fled, remaining at large at this time.

Noodle & Pie

741 State Street, New Orleans, LA 70118