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A Surprising Number of Restaurants Close For July 4 Weekend

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Some restaurants get called out online for closing up during Essence Fest


It's a holiday weekend and some restaurants in New Orleans, strangely enough, appear to be taking an early summer vacation. Here are the restaurants that Eater can confirm are currently closed or closing for the holiday.

Walk-On's: Closed now until July 6

Domenica: Closed now until July 6

Little Gem Saloon: Closed now until July 7

Ba Chi Canteen: Closed now until July 4

Bayona: Closing July 4-July 8

Galatoire's: Closing July 4 to July 11

Adolfo's: Closed now until July 5

There's speculation on Twitter as to why three of these closures are taking place this weekend. Walk-On's, Little Gem and Domenica are in an area that will see heavy foot traffic for this weekend's Essence Fest (July 1-3)— the largest annual event in the country centered around all things African-American culture and heritage— which has prompted allegations of the restaurants being #closedforessence.

Walk-On's stands by its decision to close due to a plumbing situation:

Eater reached out to Domenica, which has been closed for major renovations since Monday. The reason? A spokesperson explains that this happens to be its slowest time of year fiscally, which made sense for doing a large scale renovation project. Little Gem is reportedly on summer vacation, as are a number of other restaurants.

Know of another spot closing for the holiday weekend? Leave a comment or send a tip.

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