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New Restaurant Will Drop Beer Bomber Mania on Mid City This Month

Vessel brings coastal cuisine, cocktails, and bombers to former Lutheran church


A new coastal-inspired Mediterranean spot Vessel is heading to Mid City later this month, Ian McNulty reports.  Vessel will take over the historic Lutheran church turned restaurant space that housed iconic eatery Christian's, which never returned after Katrina.  More recently, it was Redemption.

Two of the partners involved in Vessel—Terry Boudreaux and Rocco Bonura—also run the Bulldog and Lagers, and along with managing partners Alec Wilder, Eddie Dyer and Chuck Brechtel, they're hoping to shirk the formal vibe of the location's previous restaurants and "appeal to a younger generation" with a beer bomber program, small plates, and casual vibes.

Compere Lapin and MiLA alum Nick Vella is creating a menu that includes French charcuterie, Turkish flatbread, and a broader interpretation of Mediterranean and coastal flavors.

Former Booty's bar director Wyatt Lowrey is creating a cocktail program of original drinks and forgotten classics with an emphasis on proper glassware ie. the drink's 'vessel.'

The restaurant's name is also an homage to the location's ship's hull-like rafters and to coastal cuisine.

The building has been undergoing some major renovations, including the addition of a covered patio and this fancypants bar:



3835 Iberville St, New Orleans, LA 70119, USA