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A Brand New Marigny Gastropub With No-Tipping Policy Shutters

Servers and rent haven't been paid


Anna's,a Marigny gastropub with no booze and a no-tipping policy that opened just last week has already shuttered, Helen Freund reports.  The restaurant reportedly intended to pay its servers a starting wage of $15/hour, but just one day after opening in the former ICHI Ramen House/Sukho Thai space (1913 Royal), an 'emergency closing' message flashed on the home page of the restaurant's official website.

Managing partner Chris Jones claims this is because owner Jean Ranguin "disappeared with all the money" when payroll and rent was due.

Meanwhile Ranguin tells Gambit that Jones is "responsible for sinking the business." But Jones claims he has no financial stake in the business and has no idea what's going on: "My employees are calling and texting me off the hook. I've never worked somewhere where the employees didn't get paid."

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