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Purloo Is No Longer Open at The Southern Food & Beverage Museum

Central City restaurant closes with plans to relocate


Chef Ryan Hughes' acclaimed Southern pop-up turned SoFAB eatery Purloo has quietly shuttered on O.C. Haley this week, with plans to move to a new location.

An Eater tipster wrote in about the closure, which appeared to take place on Monday. Purloo released a statement to its Facebook followers last night, including the following plans:

Purloo is excited about our new opportunities with our MOVE !!!  We will be closed early this summer for our much needed vacation and will keep everyone updated. We cannot express enough our gratitude for all our supporters on Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard... Purloo and its Chef, Ryan Hughes, wish the Museum the best in its future endeavors, and Chef Hughes looks forward to returning to the Museum as a featured chef for SoFAB's Saturday programming in the near future.

No word on where the restaurant will be reopening or what eatery will take over the SoFAB space. Eater has reached out to both Purloo and SoFab, and is awaiting response.

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