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Kristen Essig Is Now a Partner at Coquette

Essig joins Michael Stoltzfus at the Garden District gem.


Chef Kristen Essig, formerly of Leblanc + Smith restaurants Meauxbar and Cavan, is now an equity partner at Coquette. Essig will work alongside chef Michael Stoltzfus, chef de cuisine Cesar Nunez and sous Phillip Cenac to create new dishes, but don't expect her in the kitchen everyday. Per a statement:

"Working at an established restaurant as a partner will allow me to stretch my repertoire to encompass both the business side of the restaurant as well as focus on the hospitality."

The first order of business? Coquette is relaunching its "No Menu Tuesday" dinners on June 28, which are just $45/person and include five off-menu courses.  They'll run through the end of September with upcoming themes including Breakfast for Dinner (7/28), Cocktails for Dinner (7/19) and much more.

Essig also operates the Little Bird pop-up with Stoltzfus as well.


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