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CK's Hot Shoppes Dishes Up Authentic Filipino Food

... but only if you insist.

Chef Pasia creating table display art for an event
Chef Pasia creating table display art for an event

Todd Price delves into the pork and vinegar world of Crispin Pasia, a Filipino chef who has worked for Paul Prudhomme for 18 years. Pasia has opened a restaurant of his own - CK's Hot Shoppes - in the back of a Central City corner store, where, Price reports, his customer base is primarily composed of his fellow Filipino-Americans.

Price was able to get the good stuff when going with a Filipina friend of his, but had to cajole Pasia into letting him eat papaitan, a spicy tripe stew/dish instead of the more "safe" beef bulalo soup.

So if you go CK's Hot Shoppes without a Filipino escort, a) know what you're getting yourself into - like the dinuguan, "a blood-thickened stew that looks like a muddy creek after an oil spill but has that a primal, satisfying flavor familiar to fans of boudin noir." and b) be prepared to fight for the offal offerings.

Also, check out the Crispy Pata, which is a garlic fried pig's leg, with hoof still attached. "It could illustrate a lesson on porcine anatomy," Price notes.

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