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Massive Motwani Margaritaville Stalled By Potential Rooftop Bar Noise

The three-storied development appears to be worrying the neighbors

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The Vieux Carre Commission has put the breaks on plans for a new Margaritaville at 336 Decatur (at Conti) for the time being, Lance Traweek of City Biz reports this week. The reason? Potential noise.

The planned $8 million three-story building is hoping to have a rooftop terrace including a bar, and neighbors—including anti-Habana group French Quarter Citizens— are pretty concerned with sound issues.

Now it's back to the architectural review committee for the massive development, which is spearheaded by TMJ, not that weird jaw disorder that causes facial pain, but an investor group which includes local t-shirt shop kingpin Mike Motwani.

The VCC has already expressed concerns over the planned proportions of windows and ceiling/door heights, and won't allow the developers to bulldoze an old gas station on the site until full "conceptual approval" of the plans is granted.

This is just starting to get good, folks, so grab your favorite Thing 1/Thing 2 shirt and an extra large daiq and do settle in.