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Gert Town's Kin Ditches Fine Dining For All Day Ramen Menu

Hopes to find second location to expand


Tiny, beloved fusion spot Kin is swapping out dinner-time fine dining for ramen, Todd Price reports this week. The critically-acclaimed restaurant known for "fearlessly mixed haute cuisine and Asian flavors," will now offer all-day walk-in only service with a menu of 6-7 types of ramen and small plates for the adventurous:

The options include thick, emulsified tonkotsu broth, tankatsu broth (a chicken and pork base with shellfish and fish) and, during crawfish season, a ramen take on crawfish bisque made with dashi.

Owner/chef Hieu Than tells Price he's hoping to land a second location and move the ramen shop there. At that point, he'll return Kin to its fine dining origins.

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.


22 Foley Street, , England W1W 6DT 020 7998 4720 Visit Website