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Here Are Your Hogs For The Cause Winners For 2016


Despite a stormy Friday night, the eighth annual Hogs For The Cause was one for the history books, with beautiful weather, a huge crowd, tons of mud and lots of great food--all in the name of raising money for families of children with pediatric brain cancer.

97 teams competed, but only a few could be crowned champions. Here they are.

[Photo: Brasted]

  • Ben Sarrat, Jr. Pork Cook-Off Grand Champion presented by Children's Hospital: Aporkalypse Now
  • Whole Hog: Q Smokery
  • Pork Shoulder/Butt: Aporkalypse Now
  • Ribs: Aporkalypse Now
  • Porkpourri: Hogjammin'
  • Blue Plate Mayonnaise - Best Side: Swine Spectators
  • Martin's Famous Potato Rolls - Perfect Bite: Fat Harry's Fatbacks
  • Best Sauce: Hog Dat Nation
  • Best Booth: Fleur de Que
  • Biggest Fundraiser: Fleur de Que
  • Best Friday Night Party: Deuce Pigalow, Pork Gigalo
  • Fan Favorite: Mr. Pigglesworth
  • The Top Fundraising Team (Raised over $150,000): Fleur de Que
  • Teams that raised over $75,000: Fox Brothers BBQ of Atlanta
  • Teams that raised over $50,000: Boar's Nest BBQ, Puerco Rico, Deuce Pigalow Pork Gigalo
  • Teams that raised over $40,000: Mr. Pigglesworth
  • Teams that raised over $30,000: Piggy Stardust, 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon, Team March of the Pigs
  • Teams that raised over $20,000: Captain Porkenheime, The Death Chefs
  • Teams that raised over $10,000: Hog Dat Nation, Sweet Swine o Mine, Frey Smoked Meats, Squeal of Fortune, Swine and Dine, Chits & Piggles, Magnum PIG, Pigs on Parade
  • Hogs Hall of Fame inductees: Jamie Alleyn, team Puerco Rico; Ben and Erin Sarrat, team Hog Dat Nation and "volunteers extraordinaire;" Shannon Pemberton Eustis, team Hogs Banker and volunteer Nathan Gaudet.
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