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Here's What To Order at Catahoula's Incredible New Pisco Bar

Hands down one of the best new bars in New Orleans

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New Orleans bartender Nathan Dalton has a passion for Peruvian-brandy pisco. He also knows how to run a damn good bar program. Case in point: Catahoula's exceptional new Pisco Bar in the CBD.

Dalton—The Eater NOLA Bartender of the Year 2013, former Felipe's bar director and founder of Tiki Tolteca—has put together an incredible line up of bartending talent including Root Squared alum Jonathan Shock, El Libre co-founder Bazil Zerinsky, Aviary transplant Hope Clarke, Tolteca's Derek Brumfield, and Bill Fletcher and Tristan Ferchl. €”

It's a bar team that impresses, serving as veritable tour guides into the cult of pisco, while just as comfortably cranking out the classics and concocting over-the-top signature libations. Here you'll find ingredients that range from the molasses-like sap of Peruvian carob trees to taste-bud distorting Miracle berries. An upcoming rooftop tiki bar opens in May, promising even more mind-bending fun when a menu of frozen blender drinks (inspired, Dalton says, by Hilton Head institution Pool Bar Jim's) will debut.

Add in a great downstairs courtyard, live music, a strong coffee program, and Peruvian eats, and you're looking at one of the hottest bar debuts in New Orleans this year. So what to order? For starters...

Pisco Punch

The pisco portion of the menu is broken down into sours, creamy drinks, spirit-forward sippers and refreshing libations such as this satisfying punch with a hint of pineapple and a globe of ice. Dalton notes that bartender Hope Clark has brought an A+ ice game with her from Chicago.

Pisco Sour

The Pisco Sour is a classic, and it's the national drink of Peru. The bartenders at Catahoula make a stellar rendition.


Notes of cinnamon and grape make this cocktail—an ode to traditional Peruvian grape stomping parties— a delicate addition to the menu. Dalton also suggests the spirit-forward Le Capetaine, which is kind of like a pisco martini, for those experiencing pisco for the first time.

The Coolest Kid In Class

Bartender Jonathan Shock created this Capri Sun-like cooler with chamomile-infused pisco and Chartreuse for the bar's 'just for fun' menu. The drink will change seasonally, but always comes in a brown bag with gold fish and an encouraging note from Mom.

The Drunk Tank

The bar serves up a crazy, off-menu aquarium drink with slushy blue Curacao ice, boozy whale pops, gummies, and cotton candy, all served on a gold platter.


Chef Billy Lacrosse has created a menu of Peruvian dishes, including lighter options like ceviche and this tiradito—similar to crudo and served with chopsticks— with the help of Carmo's Dana Honn.

Catahoula Opening Menu

Catahoula Hotel

914 Union Street, , LA 70112 (504) 603-2442 Visit Website