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El Pavo Real is Likely Adding Booze In The Near Future

Nick's Original Big Train Bar finds out fate at City Council next week


BROADMOOR— Robert Morris reports that El Pavo Real has just gotten a thumbs up from the City Planning Commission to add booze and now just needs approval by City Council. [UptownMessenger]

MID CITY— Della Hasselle reports that the fate of Nick's Original Big Train Bar will be decided next Thursday,  April 21, when the plans go before City Council.  The bar's design has already changed a bit, with the CPC not agreeing w/ plans for a drive-thru coffee shop. [MidCityMessenger]

CBD— Cody Curl has been named the new chef de cuisine at The Fountain Lounge inside the Roosevelt. Curl's new menu items include a local crab pappardelle, duck confit quesadillas and more. [Eaterwire]