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Primitivo's Smoked Drum Ceviche & Magasin Kitchen's Congee Hit The Spot

What the critics are saying this week


The ten best things Times-Pic critic Brett Anderson ate last month include the smoked drum ceviche at Primitivo: "The eye-catching meat coming out of Primitivo's kitchen tends to have been cut from a hog or cow. But chef Nick Martin also subjects plenty of delicate ingredients to the coal-fired hearth at this Central City restaurant. As this salad attests, the results are often stunning." []

Helen Freund finds that new CBD expansion Magasin Kitchen is rocking some delicious congee (rice porridge): "It's the gelatinous century egg that gives the otherwise tame dish its edge... The creamy yolk carries a funky, almost feral flavor that adds depth and umami layers to the dish" that also includes "salted pork, thinly shaved onions and cilantro." [Gambit]


1800 Ortetha Castle Haley, New Orleans, LA (504) 881-1775

Magasin Kitchen

611 O'Keefe Avenue, , LA 70113 (504) 571-5677 Visit Website