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Füd Bar Will Be A New Cheap Eats Hub

Plus, where to eat fish collar in New Orleans

Upcoming location of Füd Bar
Upcoming location of Füd Bar

NOLA— Ian McNulty is still scouring the city for the best Lenten eats, including a trip to find fish collars, heads, ribs at GW Fins, Peche, Sac-A-Lait and more spots this week. [Advocate]

GENTILLY— More on upcoming Füd Bar from Todd Price this week, including the fact that the average cost of a complete meal is estimated to be just $12. The restaurant opens this spring. []

MID CITY— Della Hasselle reports that the police are searching for a man who broke into Theo's around 8:30 a.m. on Sunday, March 6: "Surveillance video captured a man inside the business opening cash registers and damaging property," though he apparently didn't make off with anything. [MidCityMessenger]