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Nick's Original Big Train Bar Plans Won't Include Coffee Drive-Thru

Feelings Cafe hopes to reestablish itself as a classic

flickr/SL Snyder

MID CITY— Nick's Original Big Train Bar is set to be the comeback of 2016, with Robert Morris reporting that the City Planning Commission has unanimously recommended owner Albert Kattine's plans to rebuild on Tulane Avenue, albeit without a drive-thru for its coffee shop. The plans will now move on to City Council fun times. [MidCityMessenger]

MARIGNY— After going through two new owners in two years, Todd Price reports that new Feeling's Cafe owner Craig Trentecosta is planning to reestablish the romantic Marigny eatery as a New Orleans classic. A dining room renovation is currently underway, a new bar debuts this Friday, and a menu—which will draw inspiration from the Feeling's of yore and even from long lost fave Restaurant Mandich— will soon debut as well. []