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Upscale Ice Cream Parlor, Cafe & Wine Shop Hybrid Could Be Heading to LGD

From Hillary Barq of Barq's Root Beer family

This week in potential coming attractions, Della Hasselle reports that Hillary Barq of the Barq's Root Beer family (and former partner in now-shuttered Cibugnu) wants to open a high-end all-in-one ice cream shop, cafe and wine store at 1302 Magazine. 

Plans include "a restaurant serving fresh-squeezed juices, specialty cheeses, sandwiches and biscuits," coffee, ten flavors of ice cream sourced from "grass-fed Jersey cows" in Mississippi, and "packaged liquor and rare wines, along with wine openers, stemware and martini shakers."

The cafe would take over the renovated former location of Abstract Bookshop & Cafe, a place that allegedly doubled as an asylum for substance-abusers and mentally ill people.

Barq still needs city approval to sell off-premise packaged booze and doesn't appear to have the neighborhood fully behind her on that front.  The name of the cafe has not yet been revealed.