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Massive Motwani Margaritaville May Be Heading to Decatur

Developers need to win over the Vieux Carre Commission in order to build this downtown restaurant/music club.

The proposed location of Margaritaville
The proposed location of Margaritaville
Nora McGunnigle/Google Earth

Remember about three years ago when there was brief hullabaloo about a potential Morning Call glass cube building heading to a vacant lot in the French Quarter? Well, fast forward in time, and it appears that t-shirt tzar Mike Motwani and a group of developers are planning to bring a new Margaritaville and three-story development to that very spot. Per City Biz:

A group that includes local developer Mike Motwani and his son Aaron wants to demolish a shuttered gas station at 335 Decatur St. and build a three-story building with a rooftop terrace... next door to the Bienville House, a boutique hotel near the intersection of Decatur, Conti and North Peters streets

Motwani, some may recall, was the developer behind the rumored pearl-clutching proposal to turn Tujagues into a T-shirt and/or fried chicken shack back in 2013. However, this proposal focuses on a music and food venue, so that's a good start, at least.

The new Margaritaville will have some challenges to overcome to win approval from the Vieux Carre Commission's architectural review committee, (and then the VCC itself), and it has some issues with the size of the windows, the proposed exterior color of the building, and ceiling heights. A meeting to discuss these issues (and several more) with the developers is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, March 29.