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Rosa Mezcal Has Great Shrimp Tacos But Still No Mezcal

Mexican restaurant with Econoline truck bar awaits waiting liquor license


Helen Freund finds 'urban-inspired' Mexican eats at 'colorful' LGD newcomer Rosa Mezcal this week, but no booze: "Anchoring the menu" at this expansion from Covington's Habaneros team are "creative and unorthodox signature tacos" including the Vaqueros version "on warm blue corn tortillas with plump shrimp wrapped in thick strips of bacon" with "fried shoestring potatoes and topped with thick, coffee-colored barbecue sauce." The menu of street snacks "begs for a margarita in hand," but the refurbished Econoline truck bar is still awaiting its liquor license. [Gambit]

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