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Bombay Club Is The Bomb For Happy Hour Bar Snacks

Tom Fitzmorris returns to the FRIED CALAMARI


This week Helen Freund heads to 'swank' French Quarter hotel bar The Bombay Club: Though the bar has an "underlying British colonial theme," chef Philip Todd's menu branches out with New American, Creole and even Cajun elements—think gnocchi, hangar steak, charred brussels sprouts . But Freund recommends going for happy hour for the $3 bar snacks including pork belly tacos, soft braided pretzels with Guinness cheese dip and "crispy boudin and cream cheese-filled pockets" with a Steen's reduction. [Gambit]

Tom Fitzmorris journeys to the Northshore for a FOUR STAR experience at Cafe Lynn: This Mandeville gem, headed up by chef/owner/La Provence alum Joey Najolia, serves classic French bistro fare and daily specials in T-Fitz' favorite kind of setting— "very comfortable with white tablecloths," though "the lighting scheme needs to be done over."

The Dozen Essential Dishes welcomes the return of T-Fitz's long neglected personal favorite FRIED CALAMARI, served here with a remoulade sauce. Fried Calamari hasn't made a review in about two years, folks. Golf claps, everyone.  +1 hipness points because of this glorious Fitzian shade— "In Mandeville, one is dressed up when he dons a shirt with a collar and sleeves." [CityBusiness, sub req]