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Crooked Restaurateur Jason Doyle Gets 30 Months In The Slammer For Fraud

Doyle must also pay $993,960 in restitution to victims he conned.

Huey's 24/7 on Facebook

Crooked Huey's 24/7 and Wine Loft franchise mogul Jason Doyle has been sentenced by a federal judge to 30 months in prison for wire fraud and failure to pay taxes, The Times-Pic reports this week.  Doyle must also "pay $993,960.34 in restitution to victims, including three investors who paid him for restaurants that never opened."

From 2011 to 2014, Doyle's mounting legal troubles included multiple seven-figure judgments with millions owed to investors, developers, contractors and more from Ohio to Arizona— 14 judgments total with over $15 million owed to people in 9 states, according to City BizHe would announce plans to open restaurants all over the country, but never actually open any. He also faced felony charges in North Carolina for worthless check writing.

In New Orleans specifically, Jason Doyle reopened his blase diner Huey's 24/7 in Jax Brewery after Katrina, quickly expanded with more locations, and mysteriously shuttered all the locations just as fast. Hundreds of anonymous tipsters have written in since 2011, claiming that Doyle had screwed them over, including employees being locked out of shuttered restaurants with no notice and receiving bad checks, and at least one local restaurant's reputation being tarnished by association with The Doyle Group. Check out his numerous horrible offenses right here.