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Where To Find Food Trucks On The Parade Route

Uptown to the CBD.


Likely you have your Mardi Gras parade plans all figured out, and now all that's left to do is haul in your favorite canned beer, and find a good spot to grab some grub.

Todd Price has just released a list of food trucks parking on the parade route.  Ian McNulty also reports that Courtyard Brewery (1020 Erato St.) will have trucks on hand most parade days.

Here are the best food trucks on the pararde route:


La Cocinita:  General Taylor (riverside) & St. Charles Ave


Frencheeze:  St. Mary St. (lakeside) & St. Charles Ave

AJ's Jazzy Grill: St. Andrews St. (riverside) & St. Charles Ave

Grilling Shilling: St. Mary St. (riverside) & St. Charles Ave


Cocoa & Cream:  St. Joseph St. (lakeside) & St. Charles Ave.

Thai D'Jing: St. Joseph St. (riverside) & St. Charles Ave.

Food Drunk:  Girod (lakeside) & St. Charles Ave.

Crescent City Eats:  Julia St. (lakeside) & St. Charles Ave.

Ms. Beasley's:  Julia St. (riverside) & St. Charles Ave.


Diva Dawg:  Poydras (riverside) & St. Charles Ave.