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Look Inside Willa Jean Chef Kelly Fields' Reclaimed Home Kitchen

Kelly Fields in her home kitchen.
Kelly Fields in her home kitchen.

In honor of this week's relaunch of Eater sister site Curbed Nola, take a moment to tour James Beard Award pastry chef semifinalist Kelly Field's home kitchen.

Fields has made an indelible mark on New Orleans restaurant industry as Besh Group's executive pastry chef. She is co-founder of the new bakery and cafe Willa Jean. But making incredible desserts is not her only talent— when she purchased her house in Holy Cross two and a half years ago, she actually decided to do the renovations her self.

Fields has sourced wood from the Green Project, Ricca's, and even salvages it from the side of the road, to create a colorful and unique kitchen all her own. She credits her father for getting her into carpentry.

The space is roomy, which easily accommodates her invite-only brunch shindig, Biscuits & Bubbles, wherein friends bring a bottle of champagne over and Fields serves fried chicken and biscuits. In fact, a look inside her fridge reveals no fewer than fifteen bottles of unopened champagne.

Fields sees her home renovation as an ongoing process. Next up? Solar panels, potentially. "I'm the only house on my block without them," she tells Eater.