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Primitivo's Hearth Has Transformative Powers in Central City

Plus, Cypress is a Metairie hidden gem.


This week Ian McMulty embraces his inner caveman at Adolfo Garcia's meaty Central City gem Primitivo. McNulty, a self-proclaimed "tripe hater" reevaluates his feelings on the dish with chef Nick Martin's "absolutely delicious" variation, served "under a thick tomato sauce with chiles and bacon hunks." The restaurant's slow-cooking hearth has "transformative potential" when it comes to numerous dishes, including a smoke coulotte (steak), Gulf mullet, grilled kale, and smoked pork butt with dumplings. Add in batched cocktails on tap, a great beer selection, and a casual, laidback atmosphere, and it's evident this spot "adding to the mix" on O.C. Haley Blvd. [Advocate]

Tom Fitzmorris doles out FOUR STARS to Metairie hidden gem Restaurant Cypress: Hidden by strip malls, "Cypress comes across as a pleasant surprise" with "ambitious cooking" for Metairie, land of "fewer white-tablecloth restaurants... than the population would dictate." Owner-chef Stephen Huth's contemporary Creole could use "a few lighter dishes" because "serving sizes are too large," so much so that T-Fitz recommends ordering "one course fewer than you ordinarily would." Essential Dishes include roasted garlic soup, duck confit eggrolls, and barbecue shrimp. +1 Hipness points because "ssshhhh!" It's a "secret" spot. [CityBiz]


1800 Ortetha Castle Haley, New Orleans, LA (504) 881-1775

Restaurant Cypress

4426 Transcontinental Dr, Metairie, LA 70006 (504) 885-6885 Visit Website