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Seaworthy Is For Oyster Lovers

Plus, The Caribbean Room is a “blast from the past”

Inside Seaworthy, a new restaurant at the Ace

Helen Freund heads to new Warehouse District maritime mecca Seaworthy this week: Though a bit costly, oysters from near and far are the restaurant’s focus, though “chef Daniel Causgrove's menu includes several excellent fish and seafood dishes” including “a whole-roasted speckled trout... with crisped skin, drizzled in an emerald chimichurri and draped over soft potatoes” along with a “butter-poached sheepshead” that’s “especially decadent.” The lobster roll, however, is “not appropriate for the $27 price tag.” [Gambit]

Caribbean Room Inside Brasted

Tom Fitzmorris names The Caribbean Room his “white table cloth restaurant of the year”. It’s three stars for Besh Group’s “blast from the past” along with this heady T-Fitzian caveat— “This is probably the old crank inside me, but I remember the classic C-Room food vividly, and know that the recipes are still out there. The new versions seem almost fraudulent from the perspective of a customer like me.”

But overall, “what difference does it make?” Instead, order the Crabmeat Remick (#3 essential dish) and ask management to get you into the rooftop Hot Tin bar.

Number of times T-Fitz refers to restaurant as “C-Room”: +3. Number of Hipness Points allotted: -2. Number of references to restaurant’s giant Lil Wayne painting: Zero. [CityBiz, sub req]

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