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Friends of Eater Name The Saddest Closure of 2016

R.I.P. to these New Orleans spots

As per tradition, Eater Nola has asked a group of journalists, bloggers and friends of the site to weigh in on the year in food. Here are those restaurants they’ll miss the most.

Q. What was the saddest closure of 2016?

Kim Ranjbar, writer, Suck The Heads: Saying goodbye to Bellocq was a total bummer, even though they didn't really have a choice. I liked the whole premise of the bar, not to mention the cobblers and other cocktails. At least we still have Cure, Cane & Table and Cafe Henri.

Rene Louapre, cofounder, Hogs For The Cause: Isn't it always when Hansen's closes for the year, but you’ve realized this about 2 days to late?

B.E. Mintz, editor, Neat Pour (launching Winter 2016): Yuki which provided a reminder that not all Japanese food is sushi and that not all food on Frenchmen is mediocre. However, we did get N7 as a consolation prize!

Nora McGunnigle, contributor, Eater Nola: Bellocq! (also The Grocery)

Josh Brasted, photographer, Eater Nola: Bellocq.

Gwendolyn Knapp, editor, Eater Nola: Tony Angello’s. Had a couple of extremely memorable Feed Me experiences there over the last decade. One time Mr. Tony poked his head in our private room and told the table, “If you need anything, just raise ya hand.” He was a nice guy, and the red sauce with crab there was unbelievable.

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