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Will These Be Nola’s Ten Best Restaurants of 2017?

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Critic Brett Anderson names the year’s best

A Look at Shaya, Your New Lenten BFF
Inside Shaya

As 2016 is fast coming to a close, The Times-Pic has just released critic and potential time traveler Brett Anderson's selections for the Top 10 Restaurants in New Orleans for 2016 2017.

The Top 10 is exclusive by design, meaning only fine-dining establishments qualify for it, so don’t expect totally cheap po' boy, pizza, or pho joints or casual neighborhood establishments. Here are the top ten in alphabetical order:

Usually the list doesn’t shift too much from year to year, but not making the cut in 2016 are Domenica, Gautreau’s, and Square Root (see the full 2015 list here). Newcomers this year include Brennan’s, Coquette and Shaya.

Just yesterday, Anderson named his Top Five New Restaurants in New Orleans, comprised of Kenton’s, Turkey And The Wolf, Seaworthy, Meril and N7. Fellow food writer Todd Price has also been revealing the new Chefs To Watch.

Tomorrow, Anderson will also reveal his first-ever selection for the best restaurant in New Orleans, which he’s already announced “will not appear in the other lists,” meaning it will be a “prestigious category unto itself.” Snazzy.

Thoughts and opinions on the best restaurants in New Orleans? Leave a comment.

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