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Sqirl Is Coming to New Orleans For an Epic Breakfast Mashup with Shaya

Breakfast for dinner, y’all

Eater LA/Brasted

Los Angeles-based toast, jam, and sorrel pesto rice bowl phenomenon Sqirl is heading to New Orleans Israeli hotspot Shaya for one glorious night of dining and boozing on December 2, and it’s going to be pretty epic.

Sqirl’s chef and owner Jessica Koslow and Alon Shaya will cook up dishes from Koslow’s new book, Everything I Want To Eat: Sqirl and the New California Cooking. More importantly, they will also debut a collaborative ‘Shayirl’ short rib and frittata breakfast pita.

The party goes from 7 to 10 p.m. in Shaya’s Magazine Room and is $120 without a cookbook/$150 with a cookbook (Koslow will be signing, obvs), including food and drinks in a cocktail party setting.

Here’s the menu:


avocado toast
California’s finest, pickled carrots, sumac-za’atar mix

flaky-ass biscuits
labneh butter

squid toast
slow roasted tomatoes and preserved lemon aioli

kohlrabi tzatziki
roasted purple sweet potatoes

shaved brussels sprouts salad
roasted pears and pomegranate

the “Shayirl” breakfast pita
short ribs with vegetally versatile frittata plus all the fixins

sorrel pesto rice bowl
preserved lemon, feta, soft-cooked egg, lacto fermented hot sauce


dates and coconut

famed ricotta toast
burnt brioche with ricotta and raspberry-cardamom jam

malva pudding cakes
caramelly-oozy apricot

Reserve a spot for dinner with Squirl here (without cookbook) and here (with cookbook).