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New Orleans Names Baseball Team The Baby Cakes

This is not going over well

New Orleans’ minor league baseball team is now officially Mardi Gras themed. The team formerly known as The Zephyrs is now the New Orleans Baby Cakes, but not all locals seem to be enjoying the taste of things to come.

Per the Gambit, “uniforms will feature Mardi Gras-themed colors and a ‘determined baby’ emerging from, or perhaps trapped in, a king cake.” Some jerseys also just feature the word Cakes across the front.

The team crowdsourced new names in 2016, which included seven options, three of which were food-based— Po’ Boys, Cajun Crawfish, and King Cakes. So when the mysterious Baby Cakes identity was announced at a press conference on Tuesday night, the crowd reportedly fell silent as a new logo was unveiled.

On Twitter, the name seems to be going over as well as you’d expect...

New Orleans is already home to a creepy king cake baby mascot, employed by the Pelicans, so maybe the Baby Cakes can also borrow it from time to time to frighten the children.

Speaking of children, one cool thing about the name switcheroo— babies born in Louisiana next year will reportedly get lifetime passes to Baby Cakes games and a chance to receive a college scholarship.