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New Southeast Asian Barbecue Restaurant Lands in NOLA This Year

Herbsaint alums plan Marjie’s Grill for Broad Street


A new Southern meets Southeast Asian barbecue spot Marjie’s Grill is heading to 320 Broad from two Herbaint alums, Todd Price reports this week. Marcus Jacobs and Caitlin Carney have been testing their menu— inspired by the roadside barbecue they enjoyed during travels to Laos, Thailand and Vietnam—via a pop-up called Sparklehorse Grill.

Expect plenty of meaty items like “slow-grilled pork with a sauce that splits the difference between traditional Vietnamese dipping sauce and pepper jelly” cooked on a Santa-Maria style grill outside.

Counter service, local beers, wine, a patio, and nightly plate specials will abound.

Status: Opening in late 2016 at 320 Broad St.