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Frenchmen Gem Yuki Izakaya Sadly Shutters

No reason given for shutter


Sad news today with Todd Price reporting that Frenchmen Street gem Yuki Izakaya will close for good tonight, October 31, after nine years in the game. The low key spot was pretty much the first (and only) place in New Orleans to bring to life the concept of an Izakaya, a Japanese gastropub. If you’d never been:

“Instead of the sushi, the Japanese restaurant served traditional bar snacks, like karaage fried chicken, caramelized eel or the sticky, fermented soy beans called natto,” reports Price. “On Frenchmen Street, where local music is the draw, Yuki Izakaya booked avant-garde ensembles.”

Owners Yuki Yamaguchi and her husband Aaron Walker also run N7 in the Ninth Ward, an award-winning new destination for wine, European-style canned seafood and small plates.

According to Price, a Facebook post informed Yuki’s followers that "It is with sorrow to announce that Yuki Izakaya's run has come to an end. It is simply time to move on." But no reason was given for the shutter.

Yuki Izakaya, Japanese restaurant on Frenchmen Street, will close for good Halloween night []

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