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Mondo’s New Chef Brings Vegan Eats to Lakeview

Plus, more top dining news


NOLA— Ian McNulty reports that fall flavors are in full force in New Orleans even if the weather isn’t cooperating. Try the duck poppers at Borgne and pumpkin gelato at Angelo Brocato’s for a start. [Advocate]

LAKEVIEW— Mondo has a new chef de cuisine, Candis Koerner, who has added a three-course meatless prix fixe on Mondays ($25 for lunch, $30 for dinner) including vegetarian, vegan and gluten free eats with globally-inspired dishes such as Paneer Kefta with lemon tahini, sweet potato tamales, and fried tofu banh mi. [Eaterwire]

NOLA— Ann Maloney reports that a $250-a-plate fundraiser that honored chef Leah Chase with the inaugural Nellie Murray Award has also raised enough money to complete Bess Carrick's upcoming documentary, Leah Chase: The Queen of Creole Cuisine, set to premiere on WLAE-TV in early 2017. []

MID CITY— Kristine Froeba reports that Canal Street Bistro is in full Oktoberfest mode thanks to chef Guillermo Peters, who’s of German and Mexican descent, with dishes including grilled bratwurst, leek and potato soup and more served through October 29. [MidCityMessenger]