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Susan Spicer's New Mid-City Restaurant, Rosedale, Is Open

Eat Spicer's globally influenced food and take the opportunity to check out bathroom, a converted jail cell


Todd Price scooped that Rosedale, the newest restaurant in chef Susan Spicer's empire, opened for business this past weekend on October 15.

The much anticipated restaurant is located on Rosedale Drive, near City Park, in a former police station, and the menu features the flavors of the West Bank, where Spicer and chef de cuisine Brett "Shaggy" Duffy were born and raised.

In addition to dishes like rosemary BBQ shrimp, spaghetti and lamb meatballs, and something called the 5th Avenue Beef Brisket, Rosedale will be serving seven wines on tap.

Status: Certified open at 801 Rosedale Drive for lunch and dinner. Wednesday-Sunday 11 a.m. - closing. (504) 309-9595.